Aamae Movie Review-Despite Daring Attempt Aamae fails big time


Movie: Aamae
Rating: 2.5/5
Banner: SK Studios
Cast:  Amala Paul
Music: Pradeep Kumar | OORKA
Cinematography: Vijay Kartik Kannan
Producer(s): Rambabu Kalluri | Vijay Moraveneni
Director: Rathnakumar
Release Date: July 20,2019

Punchline: Despite Daring Attempt Aamae fails big time!


No Spoilers
Kamini(Amala Paul) works in a TV channel and conducts a prank show and is always involved in bets for kick and one day she bets to get naked for a night in her office building and the next day she’s left Naked and is stuck alone. Now she could not come out without clothes and couldn’t find a way. Who made her nude and how she got out of the situation is what Aamae is all about.

Artistes’ Performances:

  • Amala Paul gave a daring attempt

  • Ramya Subramanian as Jennifer gives a new angle


  • Amala Paul


  • Forced humour

  • un-even Narration

Director Rathna Kumar is back this time with a bold content featuring the even bolder version of Amala Paul who goes nude for the movie, and her naked act itself had created hype around the movie. The first half moves in an entertaining manner but while the second half was expected to take a serious turn, it turns a survival drama and ends with a forced message that ultimately goes against the movie itself. All said the team could have focused on screenplay rather than Naked act.

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