Movie Review : Choked

Movie Review Choked

Movie: ChokedBanner: Ira Creations

Cast: Sayami Kher, Roshan Mathew, Amruta Subhash

Director : Anurag Kashyap

Available In : Netflix

Release Date: June 5th

Story: The story is set in the year 2016 when the note ban happened in India. Sarita played by Sayami Kher is a depressed bank employee who works hard and takes care of her jobless husband played by Malayalam actor Roshan Mathews. Her life changes when she chances upon money underneath her sink through a pipe. When she decides to make use of that money in a proper way, the note ban happens and the film is all about what Sarita does with that money later.

Artists Performance
Sayami Kher is the star of the film with her realistic performance. She is so relatable and the way she reveals the urge of getting free money and still hides her feeling was the best. Till the end, Sayami is the star and arrests you with her commanding performance. Malayalam actor Roshan Mathews also gets an author-backed role is and is good in the last part of the film.

StoryEmotionsTwistsArt DirectionBGM

Slow narrationLack of known actors

Anurag Kashyap is always known to make films with content that is hard-hitting and different. For the first time, he has changed gears and come up with a family drama that is bloody good. He deals with the emotions of a middle-class wife and what happens to her when she finds free money. Though the film starts off on a dull level, things pick so well that you are glued to the screen as to what will happen in the very nest scenes. The twists are quite predictable but how Anurag unleashes the drama in a middle-class setup yet not losing his side of dark thoughts is the best part of the film and will you keep lured till the end.

3.5 Rating.