Monal Gajjar’s overaction gets irritating in Bigg Boss 4

Monal Gajjar's overaction gets irritating in Bigg Boss 4

Monal Gajjar, the Gujarati beauty was not having any big offers in her kitty and so chose Bigg Boss to make a comeback of sorts in the film business. Well, looks like the first step towards fame is right there but in a bad way as of now.

During the launch of the show, Monal said that she is a very emotional person and that she is showing on the screen with each passing day. She is crying for the drop of a hat and this has irked the contestants and also the housemates in a big way.

So many memes are being made already on social media and Monal is being slammed in a funny manner. Already, the show is getting a drubbing from the hands of the people saying that it is having dull contestants and now with this happening, things have become even more irritating.