Mehboob becomes a big headache for Bigg Boss 4

Mehboob Dil Se eliminated from Bigg Boss 4

Mehboob Dil Se is a celeb who is slowly but steadily making his presence felt in the show. He is now one of the favorites to be in the top five. But his popularity has become a headache for Bigg Boss and Star Maa.

Monal Gajjar is an actress who always gets lower votes but she is saved most of the time. The manner in which the makers want to send Mehboob is visible to all. Whatever plans they make to push Mehboob out, he comes back fighting and has big support.

The other days also, Bigg Boss put Mehboob and Amma Rajasekhar in the last two and thought that Amma will be saved. But the reverse happened as six celebs voted for Mehboob. So, left with no choice, the makers said Amma is out but in the end saved him saying there is no elimination and saved Amma once again. With such a luck, we need to see what will happen to Mehboob in the days to come.