Mega Fans show how it is done- Make Charan’s birthday memorable

Mega Fans show how it is done- Make Charan's birthday memorable

Ram Charan is one of the top stars in the industry and there is no denying that fact. The manner in which he is doing some solid films in the last few years has shown what kind of a big sir is he. 

Yesterday, he celebrated his birthday and fans went berserk. The birthday trend started long back and was a hot topic on social media as well. Offline celebrations, social work, blood donation, the fans did everything. Once again, the fans had a big event in Hyderabad to mark the occasion. 

One can say that such a celebration was not seen in Telugu cinema for a long time. By this, mega fans have shown their true love towards Chiru and his family and proved that they are quite loyal and will always be with the family.