Mega family and fans’ strategy to deal with RGV’s Power Star?

RGV's Power Star- Not against but for Pawan Kalyan

The first look of Power Star is out and RGV like always has disappointed many fans of Pawan Kalyan by making a film on him. There is not much uproar with the poster as fans are silent and are waiting for the trailer to be out.

RGV also released a poster where the mega brothers are sitting on a couch creating good hype for the film. The big question now is will the mega camp use their influence and stop the film from releasing?.

Knowing RGV, a person like Chandra Babu count not do anything to Lakshmi’s NTR and what can Chiru do is the talk outside. The inside info is that the fans and mega family do not want to respond as the more they talk, the free publicity RGV gets.

So, the strategy is about leaving things alone so that the film with all cheesy dupes will come out and disappear like any other RGV dud films.