Manchu Manoj Gets Into An Argument With His Troller?

Manchu Manoj

Manchu Manoj is going through one of his worst phases in his career and has no films in hand. But he is very active on the social media and often posts pictures of him traveling. But as you all know there are people on the social media who do not digest these snaps and post ghastly comments.

One such troller tagged Manoj and said why are you wasting your dad’s money and is this the way to inspire the younger generation. Looks like this tweet did not go well with Manoj who got into an argument and responded to the troller in his own way.

Manoj said “My dad would be the happiest if I use his money 🙂 But fortunately I never had to use his money or his help to make movies from start 🙂 I worked in restaurant as a waiter/cleaner while in college and always opted for a new director and team to create my own life 🙂 any doubts ?!