Makers of Bigg Boss 4 trolled for gender inequality

Star Maa takes Bigg Boss 4 finale as a prestige issue

That is what the talk is on social media as of now. The race to the finale has started and the task that was given to the team was a full-on physical task and was dominated by boys. Avinash was ousted and so was Monal.

But the way the makers had set up this task has not gone well with the media and common audience. The comments on social media were quite harsh and said Bigg Boss is doing anything for TRP’s. They knew that there will be a solid fight for the title and that is the reason they put up tasks so that there will be masala.

Harika was also seen complaining and such tasks are only degrading the show say, insiders. But the makers, who are already under pressure are not bothered at all and do not want to give away easy title to anyone.