Makers Being Irresponsible Towards Direct Online Releases?

OTT platforms buying scrap from Tollywood

Suresh Productions’ Krishna and His Leela suddenly dropped on the streaming gain Netflix platform on Wednesday night. There was no official announcement from the production house and even Netflix did not bother to announce its release.

There was not even a proper build-up for a movie for its OTT release. That brings up to the question if the makers are brushing their hands of the film after selling the OTT Release Rights. Director Ravikanth made his debut in 2016 with Kshanam and had to wait for four years for the movie release.

 Reports are that the director is frustrated with Suresh Babu for delaying the movie. Even if we discount the Corona break, the movie has been in production for more than two years. Meanwhile, the movie is getting good reviews after it went live on Netflix last night.