Breaking: Mahesh Babu’s manager saved from suicide

Anirban Blah, better known in this part of the country as Mahesh Babu’s aide and Rana Daggubati’s partner at KWAN Entertainment (a talent management company), has been in the news ever since a few women accused him of sexual harassment in recent days. The allegations have taken a toll on him as his career has taken a major beating.

The allegations have driven Anirban Blah to moot suicide. The other day, he wrote an emotional mail to Times Of India, concluding that he would be committing suicide late night at Vansh creek in Navi Mumbai.

The staff at the newspaper didn’t take the mail lightly.¬†They called up the police, who swung into action to save Anirban from killing himself. The swift action by the cops is commendable. Fortunately for him and his wife, Anirban has been saved.

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