Mahesh 27 Producer Confirmed?

Mahesh 27 Producer Confirmed?

Vamshi Paidipally all set to direct Super Star Mahesh 27 film after their blockbuster Maharshi.From our inside sources,it is pretty much confirmed from Mahesh Babu.The film will start in February. But who is the producer is the main question? Will Dil Raju be the solo producer or Dil Raju will again join with PVP or any other producer,time will only tell.

Speaking recently in an interview, Dil Raju said that he is not yet fixed on the project. Dil Raju wants to be the solo producer for Mahesh and Vamsi Paidipally project. He should have done with the Maharishi film as a solo producer but due to some situations,he cannot be a solo producer.

But there is an issue with producer PVP to making this film solo. Vamsi Paidipally has a Commitment with PVP for one moe movie since he made three movie agreement including Oopiri and Maharshi.How dil raju will settle this matter, we have to wait and see.

Director Vamsi Paidipally, on the other hand, is also trying to bring Sony company into the project. And if Sony enters, what about Dil Raju and PVP? All that remains to be seen soon. Overall, it is interesting to see who will produce Mahesh’s 27th film.