Latest- Trisha to tie the knot in December?

Latest- Trisha to tie the knot in December?

Trisha is an actress who is always in the news for some reason or the other. She walked out of Acharya citing creative differences and now from the last few weeks, she in the limelight for her wedding with Simbu.

Trisha did not speak about it or so did Simbu. Things caught on to another level when Simbu’s father T Rajendar, skipped replying to a question about the same topic of his son’s wedding. This is strange because Rajendar is not a quiet person and always speaks a lot.

The gossip mongers have gone to another level in Tamil Nadu and say that the wedding will happen in December. This is big news if this news turns out to be true. Simbu is also a very carefree actor and has dated several heroes in the past.

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