Latest-Navdeep scores but his film ‘Run’ doesn’t

Latest-Navdeep scores but his film 'Run' doesn't

It is the Zamana of the OTT platform and some exciting stuff is coming out one after the other. AHA is one of those platforms that is trying hard with its new content from the last few months or so.

Today, it released its first original film Run starring Navdeep and Poojitha Ponnada. The film’s verdict is out and many have given thumbs down to it. Some felt that Navdeep the main lead in the film was superb whereas the film, in general, was boring.

Run is a murder mystery directed by Lakshmikanth Chenna and is produced by Krish and Rajiv Reddy. Navdeep plays a man with multiple personality disorder and does well in his role. The film is now trending in the media.