Last Minute Hurried Move Hurt Aranya

Trade - Aranya turning out to be a disaster

Rana Daggubati’s Aranya had released the other day and has got the disappointing talk. Rana’s performance and dedication in the film are hailed by everyone but the film failed to live up to the expectations. It has got a poor start at the box office.

The major reason for this is last-minute trimming. The movie run time has arrived at 2 Hours 40 minutes. To address length issues, a good 30 minutes were trimmed in the last minute hurriedly. There were a few tracks that ended abruptly confusing the audience. 

This has disrupted the flow of the story and the audience has been disappointed. Fans hope that this will be addressed at least by the time of the film’s Hindi version, Haathi Mere Saathi’s release. The movie’s release has been postponed due to the prevailing COVID-19 second wave conditions in the North Markets.