Khiladi set to release in summer- Date locked

Cinematographer Change for Khiladi?

Ravi Teja is doing a film called Khiladi and will be seen in a dual role in the film produced by Satyanarayana Koneru. Bollywood production house Pen Studios bankrolls the project in association with A Studios. 

The makers have joined the release race now and have decided to release the film on the 28th of May as a summer special. The film under Havish Production comes with the tagline play smart and has robbery as the main theme.

The update is that a massive jail set is erected in Hyderabad where important sequences are being shot. Ravi Teja is also taking part in the shoot along with the main villains of the film. The film is directed by Ramesh Varma who made the hit film Raakshasudu with Bellamkonda Sreenivas.