Kathi Mahesh Doing Double Role For and Against Pawan Kalyan?

Kathi Mahesh makes solid comments on Pawan Kalyan again

It is known to our readers that Nutan Naidu of Bigg Boss 2 fame is making a film Parannageevi against Ram Gopal Varma as an act of revenge for making Powerstar. Controversial writer, Mahesh Kathi is doing a crucial role in the film and he will be seen as a Pawan Kalyan fan in the movie.

Interestingly, Kathi Mahesh has played the role of a journalist in Ram Gopal Varma’s Powerstar. So, he is acting in both the film. The film is being completely canned at a farmhouse in Hyderabad. Nutan Naidu is in plans to release the film on 25th July.

 On the same day, Powerstar is also releasing. Parannageevi will be released on Shreyas ET on Pay Per View basis. It has to be seen how the audience will receive both these films on that day. And then, there is already a discussion about whom Ram Gopal Varma will be targeting for his next film.