Kangana’s office gets demolished- Bollywood finally reacts

Kangana's office gets demolished- Bollywood finally reacts

Kangana is in the bad books of many in the last few months or so ever since Sushanth Singh Rajput has passed away. She spoke in a bad way about the Mumbai government and how it is saving many big wigs in Sushanth’s case.

This has not gone well with Shiv Sena who is targeting Kangana in a big way. They have even demolished part of her office in Mumbai now and this has become sensational news in the media. 

But finally, Bollywood has spoken and is speaking for Kangana. Many actors like Sonal Chauhan, Gutta Jwala, several directors and many are speaking against the Mumbai government. Only time will tell as how many insults will Kangana has to face in the days to come.