Kangana gets relief in court – To get solid security

Kangana gets relief in court - To get solid security

Star heroine, Kangana Ranaut is getting solid troubles ever since she has started speaking on the death of Sushanth Singh Rajput. So many cases have been filed on her in the last six months or so and Kangana is fighting hard to survive them.

The court summoned Kangana thrice but she failed to appear and this could have been gone to an arrest warrant. But the fact of the matter is that the Bombay High Court not only granted them interim protection from arrest on Tuesday, 24th November but also questioned Mumbai Police about why they invoked a sedition complaint in the FIR filed against Kangana. 

This is one kind of a moral victory for Kangana as the office was demolished in Mumbai by the Maharastra government. In all this, the court also warned Kangana to stop making controversial statements about the industry and state government of Maharastra.