Justice for Rhea hashtag trending on social media

Is Drugs Case Unlikely to Punish Rhea Chakraborty?

Rhea Chakraborthy gave an explosive interview yesterday to Aaj Tak channel where she gave out some harsh truths about Sushanth and her relationship which is out in the open now from the last few weeks.

Rhea slammed Kangana’s statement saying that Rhea systematically dismantled the fragile mind of Sushanth and asked what Kangana and others are doing now. She said that her only crime was that she loved Sushanth and the manner in which media and others are torturing her is killing her and her family from inside.

Ever since that interview has gone viral, #justiceforrhea has been trending on Twitter and other social media handles. Looks like the section who wanted to support Rhea are slowly coming out after knowing the truth from her side.