iSmart Beauty’s Marriage Choices

iSmart Beauty's Marriage Choices

Niddhi Agerwal got the much-needed break with iSmart Shankar. The actress got a great following in the Youth. The actress, in an interview, mentioned that she is still single. The actress also revealed that she is open to any marriage.. be it love or arranged.

“It would be great to love someone and then get married, but I am very much open to an arranged marriage as well. If there’s someone that my parents know and think is good for me, then I am willing to meet with him, get to know him, and see if I like him. So yeah, I am very much open to an arranged marriage. Let’s see though, there’s still a lot of time for me think about getting married,” the actress said.

She is currently starring in Mahesh Babu’s nephew, Ashok Galla’s debut film directed by Bhale Manchi Roju fame Sriram Aditya. She is also doing a Tamil film, Bhoomi opposite Jayam Ravi. “I have also signed another film in Telugu, but I can’t yet reveal the details,” the actress says.