Is this the reason for Balasubramanyam’s serious condition?

Latest- SP Balasubramanyam's health improves a bit

SP Balasubramanyam is in a critical condition and is in the ICU of a Chennai based hospital. Many say that SPB got in such a situation due to a surgery done on him sometime back which led to all this.

The story is that SPB had got a bariatric surgery done on him last year to reduce weight and that is the reason, he is facing complications now due to the Corona effect. Otherwise, SPB was hale and healthy and also tested negative for Corona a few days back.

If one can remember, late director Dasari also underwent the same surgery, and this cause more issues when he fell sick. The news is that SPB is slowly but steadily getting better and will come to his senses in a few days from now on. Let’s hope that he is out of his problems hale and healthily.