Is This Lineup for Sankranthi Releases?

Covid scare- Movie theatres not to be closed

Four films have confirmed their arrival for Sankranthi. This includes three native releases and one will be a dubbing film. Vijay’s Master will be the first release of the season which will release on January 13th. Ravi Teja’s Krack will be the next and will release on the 14th. 

Rana’s Multilingual film, Aranya and Ram’s Red will release in the next two days. Agreements are happening with the distributors and exhibitors on these lines. It is already known to our readers that these films will have to risk themselves with the 50% occupancy rule. 

But then, the filmmakers are hoping that the massive rush that exists during Sankranthi season will be making up for the loss. All these four releases were supposed to release for Summer this year but the Pandemic has postponed the films. It has to be seen if the normalcy will return to the industry at least then.