Is She the First Eliminated One on Bigg Boss 3?

Is She the First Eliminated One on Bigg Boss 3?

It is not necessary to specify how many controversies the Telugu Bigg Boss 3 has come up with. On the first day, ‘Bigg Boss’ was awarded to contestants, the first six to be nominated. Zafar, Sreemukhi, Varun Sandesh, Vithika, Rahul and Baba Bhaskar were nominated.

When nominated, Srimukhi became hyperactive. One should be in the next elimination. Next one of us will be jailed,” she said. Speaking to one another, he said that he expected more big twists than Big Boss Season 1 and 2,but did not expect Bigg Boss to give such a big twist.

In the program called ‘Patas ‘, Sreemukhi is Shouting out at Ravi and even she is doing the same thing as she is shouting at Bigg Boss. Her screams were also an embarrassment to the adjacent contenders. when the breakfast is coming She is screaming, even for lunch also.

Netizens watching all this shows,commenting on social media that the first elimination in the form of comments is ‘Ramullamma Sreemukhi’.And if she really wants to be eliminated, as the netizens say, we have to wait for the coming episodes.