Inside talk- Nikhil’s outburst is common feeling of all young heroes


Today, Nikhil created a sensation of sorts when he made a striking tweet against the hype that is created around Vijay Devarakonda. His jealousy was clearly visible but he did not know that the social media would blast him in no time. Seeing the wrath he deleted the tweet in a jiffy.

But this tweet was not from Nikhil himself as there is talk that all the young heroes who showed promise and faded away are strictly against Vijay’s sudden fame and have the same feeling. Even in the past, Naga Shourya made so many comments during his film Naratanasala’s release.

So, in this list, there are other heroes like Aadi, Sundeep Kishan, Raj Tharun and many others who feel the same. The only difference is that Nikhil became hasty and got carried away and tweeted about it.

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