I had no say in V’s OTT deal- Nani

Has the over hype for V killed the film?

Nani is busy with the promotions of his new film V that also has Sudheer Babu in a lead role. The film will be out this Saturday on Amazon Prime and many are excited about this.

Dil Raju is producing this film and took a lot of time before selling the project to Amazon. When asked Nani about the same and why he did not stop Dil Raju from selling the film and waiting for the theatres to open, Nani had an interesting answer.

Dil Raju is a better person than me and has been in the industry for a long time. He knows better what to do with the film and I had no say in this as we all know that Dil Raju would plan the best release for our film and he did that said, Nani.