Hyderabadi heroine’s self-publicity in full swing

Hyderabadi heroine's self-publicity in full swing

No one knew about Amrin Qureshi in the first place. She is a Hyderabadi heroine who is doing two Hindi films now. But the manner in which she is making statements and publicity has shocked many. 

Ever before the release of her films, Amrin has hired a team who is promoting her like there is no tomorrow. Her pictures are all over the place and she is also interacting with the press.

Today, she even conducted a press meet and spoke about her plans. “My goal is to act in story-oriented, script-driven films, and to become a successful heroine in all languages. Her dad, Quresh who is well versed with Hindi and Telugu industries is doing solid promotions for her. This is one way to be in the news what say.