Himaja Sensational Comments on Bigg Boss

Himaja Sensational Comments on Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has left actress Himaja eliminated in its ninth week and left Mahesh Vitta safe making him continue his captaincy. After the eviction, Himaja seeing her Bigg Boss journey gets emotional. She says that she learnt in real life to not expect and give leniency to people but this didn’t help her in the house.

Post eviction, a small round happens where Himaja has to rate contestant as ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ and explain why she chose them as such. As she explains. the contestants have to stand on the ice block.

– Himaja rates Jyothi as ‘Good’.
– She then rates Mahesh as ‘Bad’.

– Himaja rates Ravi as ‘Good’.

– She then rates Varun sandesh as ‘Good’.

– Himaja rates Punarnavi as ‘Bad’

– She then rates Baba as ‘Ugly’ terming him as the mastermind in the house.

– Himaja rates  Sreemukhi ‘Good’.

– She then rates Vithika as ‘Bad’.

Himaja drops the ‘Bigg Bomb’ on the house captain Mahesh. As per the punishment, Mahesh would be opening the door of the living room for every housemate when they want to enter the garden area.  At the end, when asked if she would like to enter the house again, Himaja refuses it saying this has to be a one-time experience.