Here’s how Sushanth Singh Rajput was killed?

Here's how Sushanth Singh Rajput was killed?

Sushanth Singh’s case is getting clear with each passing day. The media outlets are now confirming that it was pre-planned murder and some of the big heads in the Mumbai government and Bollywood stars are involved in all this.

Rhea was used as a scapegoat in all this is the talk. Things went wrong when Sushanth Singh’s ex-secretary Disha suddenly died by committing suicide. Here is the actual info. Many say that these big heads had some issues with Disha and were planning to kill her and this news, Disha forwarded it to Sushanth and asked to save him. Scared with this, Sushanth also changed his SIM card multiple times.

The news says that Disha was murdered and as Sushanth knew all this, he was also killed with a plan. The CC TV was switched off for two days before the actor’s death and many unknown people entering his home were caught by the neighbor’s cam.

So, all this is a big game and Sushanth was planned and killed and that is the reason, the Mumbai cops are delaying the investigation say many media outlets. How much of this is true, only time will tell.