Harish Shankar takes zero remuneration for Valmiki

Valmiki Team Exploring Rustic Rayalaseema

Many raised eyebrows when Harish Shankar announced that he would be remaking the hit Tamil film Jigarthanda in Telugu. But somehow the project went on floors and things became normal only when an impressive video of Varun Teja came out.

The inside info is that Harish Shankar convinced the producers 14 Reels that he will make the film on an impressive note. For this, the sources say that Harish has not even asked for remuneration and told the makers that he would only take a share in the profits if the film becomes a hit.

This shows how positive Harish is with his remake. Harish also remade Dabangg with Pawan Kalyan and made it a big hit in Telugu. We need to see what he does with Valmiki.