Gunasekhar’s burden reduced-Daughter to debut as a producer

Gunasekhar's burden reduced-Daughter to debut as a producer

Gunasekhar is a super talented director but he takes a lot of time making films. He also produces them and that is the reason, it takes a longer time to come up with projects time and again.

But now, his family is helping him as his daughter Neelima has stood from the front and is entering movies as a producer. Gunasekhar is making a film called Shakuntalam and the news is that Neelima is going to work as a producer of this film.

Neelima has studied art in London and is well versed in filmmaking. So, he has come up with ideas to work in a corporate manner. Gunaskhar needed a push like long back as he was stuck with old ideas for long. Now that his daughter is entering films, he will rock like before.