GHMC Imposes Fine for Ram Gopal Varma

Industry Gives A Warning to Ram Gopal Varma?

Controversial Director Ram Gopal Varma who claims to play within the rules and laws found himself in a bit of trouble. Ram Gopal Varma recently tweeted about a poster of his Powerstar movie stating that it was the first film poster after the lockdown.

Some social media user objected to this and complained to GHMC, quoting the tweet. He told the EVDM department that Varma should be fined for using government property to promote the film.  The department imposed a fine of Rs 4,000 on Varma for infringing rules.

Powerstar was released on his personal website earlier this week. The movie mocks Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, and it has become highly controversial. Even though it is stuffed with enough controversial elements, the movie has poor reviews, like every film of Ram Gopal Varma in recent times.