GHMC elections- Hyderabadi’s not interested

GHMC elections- Hyderabadi's not interested

Hyderabad is a place where a lot of people from different walks of life live. The GHMC elections are happening in full swing but the Hyderabadi’s are not interested whatsoever.

This is clearly seen with the voting percentage which is less than 10% until afternoon. This clearly shows the majority of them are not at all interested to vote. The percentage for general assembly elections was also dull but this GHMC election is even dull say the reports. 

As many as 74.44 lakh voters are expected to decide the fate of 1,122 candidates. some of the biggest stars like Chiru, Nag, Vijay Devarakonda, Ram voted but the rest of them are away and busy with their own life. Even the youngsters are not showing interest at all which is a sad story in Indian democracy.