Geetha Madhuri Beats Kaushal

Bringing an end to all the live action, Bigg Boss Telugu 2 concluded with a grand finale that saw Kaushal Manda being declared the winner. He was competing with Geetha Madhuri who emerged as the first runner up.

Coming to the remunerations,Kaushal is being paid very less than Geetha Madhuri.Geetha Madhuri was offered the maximum about because of the craze associated with her. In fact, what Kaushal was offered is peanuts compared to what Geetha got. In fact, even Amit and Deepthi were paid more than Kaushal as he was almost a non-entity before the show. Even if Kaushal wins the Season II, it would be Geetha Madhuri who would get the maximum amount.

By Leaving all these remunerations,Kaushal had gained huge following in the crowd and he can expect huge offers in telugu now.