Game Over for Sreenu Vaitla

Many thought that Sreenu Vaitla deserves another chance and he needs to bounce back in the game with the film Amar Akbar Anthony. There was a sympathy factor attached to him and the film but looks like Sreenu Vaitla has not learned from his mistakes and has delivered a dug again.

The film which released today is only being trolled for the way it has been directed by Sreenu Vaitla. The split personality disorder has been made a joke in the film as there is no scene which is entertaining. Critics have slammed the film and many industry bigwigs are saying that it is game over for the once star director.

Seeing this many say that no other star hero will give Sreenu Vaitla a chance to do a film with him in the future. Many are saying that Sreenu has lost his touch completely and has become outdated and it is better he takes some time off and look for something which is really interesting rather than wasting the money of producers who have a good name associated.

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