First elimination in Bigg Boss done-Noted comedian to enter

Makers of Bigg Boss 4 creating rifts for TRP

The first elimination of Bigg Boss happened today and as expected director, Surya Kiran has been ousted from the show is the latest news coming out. He was one of the most dominating characters in the show and was not liked by many and was naturally voted out.

So, this brings another change in the proceedings. Today, the show will see a new entrant in the form of Jabardasth comedian Avinash. He will be brought in to spice things a bit in the show. The young comedian was paid big bucks to enter the show.

At least this time, things should click as the house is having not much fun does in the making. Bigg Boss 4 is getting a lukewarm response and with this dull content, it is hard to get attraction from the public. Only time will tell who all will make an entry in the days to come.