Filmmakers upset with Allu Aravind’s new decision

Filmmakers upset with Allu Aravind's new decision

So many noted and new filmmakers were super happy when Allu Aravind launched his new OTT platform AHA as they will get good chance to make more good content.

The digital platform is getting a lot of attention now and so many shows and films are being made now on this platform. But in the latest news, Allu Aravind has asked the makers of his films and shows to reduce the bold content be it love making scenes or usage of cuss words.

This new decision of his has disappointed a number of makers in the industry. A noted director in the industry who is making a show on AHA says “Only for creative freedom wh have come to OTT and now having restrictions on these platforms is ridiculous”.

The talk is that so much bold content was being written for AHA and Allu Aravind did not want this to happen as he wants his platform to be known only for viewing family content.