Few Media Wantedly Damaging Allu Arjun Reputation

Few Media Wantedly Damaging Allu Arjun Reputation

Reports were rife that Allu Arjun had called-off shoot on Trivikram Srinivas sets. However, to put the speculations to rest that has mired the actor’s image, Allu Arjun team ahs denied such rumours and issued a statement.

A source from BUnny’s team said, “The team had planned to shoot a pivotal scene of the film with Allu Arjun and Rajendra Prasad last Wednesday, but it has been postponed abruptly due to unavailability of the latter’s call sheets. Allu Arjun, who was supposed to attend an important event in the US around the same time had to cancel his plans due to the film’s shoot. But, the co-director (Satyam) couldn’t convey the delay in filming to the actor on time and it has paved the way to more miscommunication”.

The source further added that the shoot was called off due to senior actors’ non-avaiability and not due to Allu Arjun.