Female contestant to be evicted in Bigg Boss 4 this week

Star Maa trying hard to bring NTR for the finale of Bigg Boss?

It is that time of the week when the votes in the Bigg Boss show will be pooled in a big way. The weekend is here and tomorrow, in the weekend episode, one of the contestants will go out for sure from the house.

Who all will go out is the big question. The news is that out of the six nominated, these three ladies, Divi, Ariana, and Monal are in a danger zone. The votes are less for these three when compared to Abhijeet and Avinash.

Monal is the one who is facing the heat but the makers are making sure that she does not go out. Once again, she is in the nomination and we need to see what will happen this week. Also, there will a new host who will be judging the show this week.