Exclusive: Emotional Climax in Aravindha Sametha


Aravindha Sametha,the combination of  Young Tiger NTR and Trivikram will be released in another one week. The recently released trailer has only increased the expectations from the film. While there is nothing new in the story, screenplay is stated to be interesting.The first half is smooth with introduction of hero and heroine, love scenes,three songs and Trivikram punches.The second half is stated to be a feast for fans. Last scene before interval is breathtaking for the fans.

According to our sources,the film moves seriously from beginning of the second half. However, climax is expected to be very emotional. However, it is said that in tune with this situation there are no big fight scenes. But interval fight is being described as the highlight of NTR’s career.Almost most of the fights will appeal in first half itself and second half is packed with high emotional scenes and the climax will be the best ever.Coming to the Interval,there will be an high octane action interval which will be the biggest asset of the film.

In this scene, Tarak is seen taking off his shirt and showing his six packs. This film is being released with high expectations but it remains to be seen to what extent it attracts people. The film had massive pre-release business. Since the film is made in the backdrop of Rayalaseema, trade circles say it will have huge collections in Ceded region.