Except Samantha Tamil industry not interested in Chinmayi


Chinmayi has been giving sweet chin music to all the celebs in the Tamil industry by naming them and revealing their deeds. In all this, only her husband Rahul Ravindran and Samantha are the ones who are supporting her. This has not gone well in the Tamil industry and many in the media say that the other stars are not happy with the way Chinmayi is going on and on.

Some are also saying that Chinmayi’s career will be virtually over as no one will work with her and think ten times because of her scandal and the way she operates. They want her to end this issue right away as some of the biggest stars are not happy with the way she is targeting Vairamuthu.

In all this, many say that Samantha has nothing to lose as he settled happily in Tollywood and her husband Rahul is slowly getting a foothold in Telugu. The one who will lose from this is none other than Chinmayi herself and this fact the Tamil industry wants Chinmayi to know.

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