Eesha Rebba takes a dig at non Telugu heroines


Eesha Rebba is the talk of the town as she has been an active part of Aravinda Sametha. Now, she has revoked a controversy of sorts as he gave it back harshly to a troller who commented on her skin color.

When one of the guys in the social media said that it would have been good if she was a bit fair, Essha responded to him quickly and said what’s there in the color and one should not think like that. She also raised a clever point by saying that why social media does not ask the heroines who are fair, do not belong to the region, and look the part in Telugu films.

By this, it is clearly visible that Eesha is very upset with her being a Telugu girl and not being able to get the big offers whereas the girls from the north are bagging all the offers. This was seen in the pre-release event of Aravinda Sametha when Eesha clearly mentioned and thanked Trivikram for supporting a Telugu girl. Though Eesha has a point and is correct in her own way, that is not the perception of the industry and the way it operates.

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