Dil Raju to introduce his wife on his 50th birthday bash

Dil Raju bday bash - Industry gossiping about these two factors

Dil Raju lost his wife in a heart attack and this broke him down completely. But his daughter thought well for him and forced Dil Raju to get married again. Dil Raju married a young woman and tied the knot during the lockdown situation.

Now that things have got down to normal, Dil Raju is celebrating his wedding. The latest update is that a special bash is being hosted by his daughter today at her residence on the eve of Dil Raju’s 50th birthday.

On this very day, Dil Raju’s wife will also be formally introduced to the industry. Only a select few have been invited to the grand bash which will also have a special theme in dressing. Dil Raju has also sent special invites to his industry friends.