Dil Raju keeping the budget tight for Chay’s Thank You

Dil Raju keeping the budget tight for Chay's Thank You

Dil Raju is very carefully launching films one after the other. After a lot of story sittings, Dil Raju finally gave a nod to the Chay Akkineni project and even launched it on the special occasion of Dussehra. The film will be directed by Vikram Kumar and has been titled Thank You. The shoot has also started in Hyderabad yesterday.

The heroines of the film are yet to be selected but the news now is that Dil Raju does not want big names to play lead roles. Vikram has some noted names in mind but Dil Raju has said no to it. Already, Dil Raju has roped in PC Sreeram to crank the camera for the film. This generally does not happen as Dil Raju does not rope big technicians for his films. 

But the talk is that as Vikram Kumar was adamant, Dil Raju had no choice but to rope PC in the film and also paid him big bucks for the same. So, for his heroines, will he spend big bucks for the heroines is the discussion as of now.