Devi Nagavalli cries foul over her eviction from Bigg Boss

This contestant to make a comeback in Bigg Boss 4?

Devi Nagavalli, the noted TV 9 anchor is out of the Bigg Boss show and she in many episodes said that she is very shocked to know about her exit and has no idea as to why she has been ousted from the show.

She has started giving interviews and in one of her interviews, she said that a planned approach has been made to kick her out of the show. She also says that the negativity for TV 9 has also cost her a big hurdle in the show.

Devi is a popular face and says that surely a team has planned her exit and some of them might be Pawan Kalyan fans who dislike TV 9 as many programs were run on him. Whatever is the reason, Devi says she wants to be on the show and hopes that her dream comes true.