Devadas- All Hype but no collections

Devadas- All-Hype-but-no-collections

So much was said and done that the Deva Das will do this and that at the box office as two top heroes are acting together for the first time. But what happened? In spite of aggressive promotions and good talk, the film managed only 6.5 crores on the first day which are less by the standards of Nani and Nag and the amount for which the film was sold.

Except for Nani and Nag’s combo deal, the film did not have much masala and looks like it will fade out very soon. As of now, the collections are cool and will be going great as there are holidays coming up in the next few days. But what after that is the biggest question the team is facing. Let’s see whether the team retorts to damage control and help the collections a bit.