Deva Katta’s commentary for Republic’s screening

Deva Katta's commentary for Republic's screening

ZEE5 is the one platform that brings out a variety of entertainment formats: web series, direct-to-digital releases, original movies, digital releases. It has been dishing out content for the entertainment of worldwide viewership in various languages: from Hindi to Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali to Gujarati. ZEE5 is just a click away on a mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop — be it in a lockdown or otherwise. 

From last year’s ‘Amrutha Ramam’, ’47 Days’ and ‘Meka Suri’ to this year’s ‘Battala Ramaswamy Biopic, ‘NET’ and the most recent ‘Alanti Sitralu’, ZEE5 has given us a number of direct-to-digital releases. ‘Raja Raja Chora’ was released for Dasara, while ‘Sridevi Soda Center’ was released for Diwali on ZEE5. Recently, the original web series ‘Oka Chinna Family Story’ was out, while ‘Heads And Tales’ was another recent release on ZEE5. On November 26, ‘Republic’ will start streaming.

‘Republic’ stars Sai Tej as the hero. Directed by Deva Katta, it is produced jointly by JB Entertainments and Zee Studios. The film explores the role of government officials, the political executive, and the people in a democratic system. Besides film critics, ‘Republic’ was described as inspiring by the common audience and film personalities. The film will now be streamed on ZEE5 from November 26 with Deva Katta’s commentary.