Deva Das-Producers safe but what about distributors?


No one expected that Deva Das would get such a mixed response at the box office. Many thought that the combo of Nag and Nani would bring some solid openings and the film will end on a high during the Dussehra festival by taking on good money.

But that did not happen as the film backed out after the initial first week of its run. Certain single screen areas made good money but the film found it tough in the multiplexes. The scene now is that the team arranged for a meet and said that the film has made good money and they are happy.

The inside news is that as producers, Ashwini Dutt is safe as he sold most of the film and various rights for good money. But those who got troubled with the film is the distributors. As they have bought the film for exorbitant prices, they are facing a tough time.

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