Deepika’s name in drug scandal- Many more to come

Deepika's name in drug scandal- Many more to come

The drug scandal has shocked the Hindi film industry completely. Some of the biggest names are coming out one after the other. After Sara Ali, Shraddha Kapoor, and Rakul being named in this case, now a big star has come into the foray.

The Times Now channel has named Deepika directly saying that she has bought drugs from her team many times. They also have proof saying that they have Deepika’s chats with one of her managers of a talent film Kwan.

Kwan is the same talent firm that also has Telugu stars like Rana and many others in its client list. So, one of their employees used to supply drugs is the news now. Deepika is a big name in the industry and she asking for drugs has shocked many. Only time will tell as to how many more names will be out in the days to come.