Crying foul on critics a new trend


Reviews are one of the most important criteria these days. Even though the filmmakers might like it or not, many depend on the reviews to know how the film is. But today’s directors cannot digest the fact that their films are becoming flops. They make a film and think that they have made a masterpiece and when critics pan the film, they get highly irritated.

Director Indrasena of Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayulu cried foul on the critics and panned them. “Maybe reviewers couldn’t able to understand the totality of the @VbvrTheFilm. So I will explain the whole movie to u guys in a small paragraph. As a director it’s my responsibility to explain it to the so-called pseudo-intellectual brains(reviewers).” said Indrasena.

Even in the past, the director of Manu and Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindi cried foul on the critics and panned them. The outcome was there to see as the film failed in a solid manner. So, when the film is made well, the critics will automatically appreciate it no matter what and the result of the film will be.

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