COVID Scare Once Again to Rajamouli’s Family

COVID Scare Once Again to Rajamouli's Family

Rajamouli, his wife Rama Rajamouli, MM Keeravani and other family members got contracted coronavirus last year and recovered from it immediately. Now, the Coronavirus scare has hit the family once again and this time, it is Rajamouli’s father, Vijayendra Prasad.

Vijayendra Prasad took to social media to announce that he has tested positive for coronavirus and urged all those who have come into contact with him in the last few days. The 78-year-old senior writer is under home quarantine.

Vijayendra Prasad is the writer for all Rajamouli films. Now, RRR fans are worried if the movie team has to go into isolation which means more delay for the movie shoot. Very recently, Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn who are a part of RRR have also contracted the virus.